In 2010, Colleen began writing her blog, Curtains are Open. Since then, Curtains has gained recognition and a large following while winning awards in various blogging circles as well as two "Best of the Coast" awards locally.

As a Graphic Designer, Colleen wanted to see her posts in print and after a great many hours writing, re-writing and organizing into Chapters to pare down 700 posts into something readable...Colleen then took to Adobe inDesign (becoming a master of "masters") and Full Speed Ahead was born. While Colleen designed the inside of the book...making sure to find the perfect "typeface and leading" for readability, and just the right amount of white space to make it design worthy...she trusted the cover to one of her favourite illustrators (and one of the artists behind Drawbridge Creative), Matt Bustin.

Full Speed Ahead is Colleen's first personal creative piece and as an artist, her head is filled with many more projects that will see the light of day...in time.

Click on the image below to access the blog, Curtains are Open, and for details on purchasing a copy of Full Speed Ahead.